Book Review: Runaway & Heart-Core Metal

, by Janine M.


Runaway by Karla Maquiling 

When the going gets tough, pack your things up and move!

Heart-Core Metal by Nikki Domingo

If you're in love with a ROCK God, will you ROLL with the punches?

My Php0.20:

I enjoyed reading both stories! The first story is about a woman who seeks a fresh start after every breakup, making large changes such as finding a new job, packing her bags and moving into a new city, and anything that could majorly cut her off from her old life. The latter is about a girl who "fell in love" with a rock star, not knowing that the "right one" was beside her all along. The authors were able to squeeze believable stories into 60 pages. Though the first story is somewhat open-ended, I am optimistic that the pair would end up together. In the second story, I found myself pitying the guy friend a lot. He was making way for the girl and the rock star to be together because he wanted her to be happy! The girl was just so stubborn and dense! Hahaha!

 Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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