Book Review: The Hagette

, by Janine M.

Blurb: Self-confessed “Hagette” Cynthia de la Rama seems like the perfect girl: she’s tall, thin, pretty, charming, and fashionable. So why hasn’t she found the right man? Her gay friends think it’s a defective gaydar to blame. Most of her exes were in the closet. She’s right about ready to give it all up for a well-dressed, celibate existence. That is until two men enter her life at the same time: the bad boy who disappeared without a trace many years ago (and whom she hasn’t gotten over yet) and an aloof, handsome model with a knack for doing the laundry. The only problem is, will her gaydar let her down yet again?

My Php0.20:
I had fun reading this book. I'd like to believe that I don't have a defective gaydar but I used to have this weird fantasy of wanting to make a gay man fall in love with me. Hahaha! This is a good, quick read. I found the use of Tagalog words cute. Of course, as what often happens, the gay bff saves the book by upping its humor value.

 Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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