Book Review: Aphrodite's Tale: Fatal Attraction by Alicia Fields

, by Janine M.

Aphrodite is the most beautiful goddess of all, a mighty magnet for men. They fall in love with her on sight, and she reciprocates--come what may...

Aphordite has been trouble ever since Zeus claimed he found her in the surf. Most think she is another of his illegitimate children, an accusation he repeatedly denies. But she behaves like a female version of Zeus. She's way too beautiful and can't resist romance--whatever the consequences. Plus she is responsible for her friend Helen's elopement with Prince Paris, starting the Trojan War.

Some think Aphrodite should marry someone who can control her, and the artistic Hephaestus would make a steady husband. But it's Ares--Hephaestus' hotheaded, quarrelsome brother--whom Aphrodite loves. However, Ares has rushed off to the Trojan War, leaving Aphrodite with a series of troublesome lovers.

No wonder legend cast her as a goddess. What man or mortal could contend with anyone who loves so many, causes so much chaos--and is beautiful enought to die for?

My Php0.20:

Wow, Aphrodite is that wanton. 'Nuff said. :) Kidding aside, it is an enjoyable read.

 Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Wow never heard of this books before. Will definitely look for this! Thanks :)


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