Movie Trailers: One Day

, by Janine M.

A book that I have been wanting to read for a long time is now a movie! One Day by David Nicholls is one of the much raved about books by book bloggers, and I would like to read it for myself. I won a $15 credit in Book Depository via a giveaway (yey!) and I immediately thought of this book. ☺

The movie adaptation stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess and will be released August 2011. From the trailer alone, I'm guessing I would love this movie. I've made early plans with some friends, and I hope that would push through! I've heard that this involves themes of friends-with-benefits (oops, not very wholesome) and unrequited love, so it's not advisable to watch this with your best friend you have feelings for! :P

Here are two trailers (official and UK) that I got from Youtube.

So will you watch it, wait for it on DVD, or skip it?

And if you happen to have read the book, please give me your thoughts on it, without giving spoilers of course! Thanks in advance! ☺


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