Book Review: Every Girl's Guide to Flings

, by Janine M.

Every Girl's Guide to Flings by Marla Miniano
Because bad girls fall in love too.

In her high heels, short skirts, and purple eyeliner, Rickie is known as the wayward friend of good girls Anna and Chrissy. Her string of meaningless flings, happening parties, and more boys lining up to ask her out make her the envy of every teenage girl—till she sets her sights on a very bad idea: Anna's ex. Is Rickie headed for disaster? Or will she finally fall in love and get her very own happy ending?

Rule number 1: Know where to start.
Rule number 2: Trust your instincts.
Rule number 3: Don't take things too seriously.
Rule number 4: Mistakes do not make up for other mistakes.
Rule number 5: Learn to take risks.
Rule number 6: All's fair in love and war.
Rule number 7: Know where it all ends.
Rule number 8: Be open to finding yourself.
Rule number 9: Change is inevitable.
Rule number 10: Sometimes, a fling can lead to The Real Thing.

My thoughts:
Okay. I admit. I am in love with this character. Rickie is the party girl of the trio, the one who never gets serious with a guy, the one with flings you need all of  your fingers and toes to count. She's the intruder to Anna and Chrissy's longtime friendship. She's the daughter who is not as talented, pretty, and ma-PR as her older sister, Lexie. She stays out late at night to party with her gay friend Bryan and to hook up with boys. Eventually, she chose to be with Jaime, Anna's ex, much to the chagrin of her friends. It didn't last though, because of Rickie's commitment issues. Rickie turned out to sincerely like Jaime and in a confrontation-for-closure scene she acknowledged the fact that she could have chosen to be with him but she chose to walk away. One weekend changed her perspective on life and love when she learned how her sister Lexie chose not to pursue a relationship with Timmy (Anna's brother), even if they liked each other because it was the right thing to do. I like the fact that Rickie realized that she shouldn't be looking elsewhere for affection, because she had the right people (family and friends) with her to give her the love that she needs if only she chooses to let them in and have a sincere relationship with them. She learned to value herself, respect herself, and see herself as a person who deserves something serious and who is capable of something serious. I sort of related to her character in this vein. I loved that the author was able to let her character speak in this candid, unpretentious voice. Rickie seems to be the type to tell it like it is. Gah, I just love her. I'm confident she and Diego ended up happily as a couple. Rickie, no longer lonely. ☺

 Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ ☺

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Book Review: Every Girl's Guide to Boys

, by Janine M.

Every Girl's Guide to Boys by Marla Miniano
Because two boys wanting you isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Chrissy thinks her life is problem free (she even sets up an online advice column to make use of all her good girl talent) till her best friend, the boy she's been in love with since she was maybe five, comes back from the US. Now this would be a good thing if she wasn't already in an unofficial, sort-of relationship with her long-time crush Nathan. Is it finally time for Chrissy to trash her good girl image and follow her gut? Or is she making the biggest mistake of her life?

Because I am so passionate about this "trilogy", I shall write as much spoilers as I can. I really am sorry about this Ms. Marla Miniano, but you are one heck of a talented writer.

Rule number 1: Not having (boy) problems is A Good Thing

The story opens with Chrissy describing how other people see her as a girl who has no problems at all which is probably due to her being a responsible, well-adjusted, level-headed, and mature-for-her-age teenager. She chooses to spend time with family than partying with friends on weekends. She has good grades and she has no record of ever being in trouble. Sounds like one of your girl friends right? Or maybe it sounds a bit like you, reader of this blog post. ☺
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