An Affair With Books... and Movies too!

, by Janine M.

Hey there to anyone who happens to read this blog! I decided to add movie reviews! I think that would work just fine since books do make crossovers to the silver screen.

I do want to tell you as early as now that I'm not a movie critic, and I would most likely not discuss the technical aspect such as if so and so had great acting chops or if the script and delivery were flawless, so please don't take my posts seriously. I would most likely be telling you how I felt and what I thought about the (characters/plot of the) movie. And also, I would most likely be peppering the movie reviews with lots of spoilers, so my apologies.

I think I would be blogging about the movies I've watched so I would remember how they made me feel, and the things I realized after watching them. I guess I'm sort of making a memory bank with this blog. I hope you don't take it against me.

On the literary front, I have read a few books in 2012, some of which are from the dystopian YA genre (I am getting so into it that I almost believed and prepared for the Mayan calendar end of the world hoax). I hope I will find the time to review them in the summer after my board exams. I do want to keep this blog alive.

And oh yeah, Happy New Year everyone!

First movie review in the next post!


  1. Hi Janine,

    My sister loves books so much. She is currently blogging about anime and manga but plans to make another blog for her books. She has been unstoppable. lol I just told her about your blog and she said na she'll check it out soon. Hope to see you one of these days! :)


  2. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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